Neurology and Epileptology

The Department of Neurology and Epileptology encompasses a 28 bed unit and 4 specialty outpatient clinics. Together with Clinic of Neurology’s other clinical departments, the epileptology team provides care for all neurological patients at the University Hospital Tübingen. … more information

Research groups

Experimental Epileptology

Our research group is interested to unravel the mechanisms of well defined, mainly genetic, neurological, paroxysmal diseases, to understand correlations … more info

Clinical Genetics of Paroxysmal Neurological Diseases

Paroxysmal neurological disorders include a broad spectrum of clinical entities such as migraine, episodic ataxia … more info

Translational Imaging

The focus of our research group is the structural and functional imaging of neurological diseases with a particular focus on epileptology. … more info

Migraines and Primary Headache Disorders

Our group aims at unraveling the molecular pathophysiology of migraine and other primary headache disorders. … more info

Prof. Holger Lerche Address

Center of Neurology
Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research
Department Neurology and Epileptology

Hoppe-Seyler-Straße 3
72076 Tübingen

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Dimitra Paralikidou
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Lab Management

Heidrun Löffler
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