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Welome Prof. Lisa Sevenich

The HIH welcomes Prof. Dr. Lisa Sevenich who has started her research group “Experimental Neuroonco-Immunology” in the Department of Neurology & Interdisciplinary Neuro-Oncology of Prof. Dr. Dr. Ghazaleh Tabatabai.

Prof. Sevenich’s research is focused on tumor immunology in brain cancer in particular brain metastasis. She identified different disease-associated roles of brain metastasis-associated myeloid and lymphoid populations using multiomics and image-based approaches.

Based on this mechanistic insight, she seeks to develop novel immune-targeted therapies for preclinical testing in ex vivo and in vivo models. She puts a particular emphasis on strategies that overcome inherent or adaptive resistance mechanisms by modulating immune cell activation states and targeting metabolic pathways in brain metastasis. Such approaches comprise strategies for local immune modulation within the brain metastatic microenvironment as well as systemic approaches e.g. by targeted modification of the microbiome for immune stimulation.

Moreover, she seeks to gain mechanistic insight into tumor cell characteristics that allow tumor cells to adopt to the unique tissue environment in the central nervous system. A focus is put on the acquisition of neuronal-like characteristics in brain metastatic cells as a core program of metastatic niche cooption with regard to metabolic and immunological processes.

Her mission is to provide scientific rationale for novel therapeutic strategies against brain metastasis.

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Prof. Dr. Lisa Sevenich

Credits: Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI)
Fotograf Uwe Dettmar