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“Doc Fischer” on February 28, 2024 at 8:15 p.m. on SWR

A SWR team from the health series “Doc Fischer” visited the HIH, the Neurological Clinic and the University Clinic for Neurosurgery for a broadcast on the topic of epilepsy.

Prof. Holger Lerche, head of the Department of “Neurology and Epileptology” at the HIH and managing medical director of the Neurological Clinic, together with Dr. Ulrike Hedrich-Klimosch (research group leader at the HIH), Dr. Silke Ethofer (senior physician at the University Clinic for Neurosurgery) and an epilepsy patient, was accompanied for a day with the camera.

Watch it in the ARD Mediathek in German (starting from Min. 11:00)

The SWR-Team in an Interview with Prof. Holger Lerche

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