Oculomotor Laboratory

Pupils' Lab of Neuroscience

Our pupils' lab allows students of high school in the South of Germany to get authentic insights into fascinating Neuroscience. Impressive experiments with direct connections to actual research themes can be performed. We provide a glimpse into the mysteries of the human brain.

More detailed information can be found here: www.neuroschool-tuebingen-schuelerlabor.de


Advanced training for high school teachers

In the course of annual seminars for high school teachers, neuroscientists of the CIN and HIH introduce actual results. Occasionally, even scientists from universities outside Tübingen contribute to these seminars. Our advanced training helps the teacher to maintain contact to actual neuroscience research programs and to add new perspective to their class room. In addition, students are also welcome to our seminars. Eventually, a special interest in neuroscience will be triggered.


Summer Academy of Neuroscience

The pupils' lab is organizing every year a Summer Academy of Neuroscience during the first week of summer vacation in Baden-Württemberg. Approximately 20 participants, usually high school students, are invited to perform experiments, to talk to renowned scientists, and to visit institutes such as the HIH, CIN, or MPI.  

Research Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Uwe IlgPhone 07071 29-82377uwe.ilg@uni-tuebingen.deAddress

Hertie Center of Neurology
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Pupils' Lab Neuroscience

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