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The relevance of genetics for neurological diseases has recently been impressively demonstrated by decoding the molecular basis of many of them. Genetic neurological disorders (GNEs) that have long been considered untreatable are now becoming models for the development of targeted molecular precision therapies due to their defined genetic etiology.

The Else Kröner Forschungskolleg PRECISE.net combines the complementary expertise of different centers as well as renowned physicians and scientists across clinics and institutes at the center of excellence Tübingen to form a closely interwoven clinical and basic science network for clinician scientists.

Taking selected GNEs as paradigmatic showcases, all crucial translational steps of a molecular precision medicine are being brought together: from genetic characterization via preclinical therapy approaches in cell and animal models as well as therapeutic outcome parameters in patient cohorts and individual patients, to first individualized therapy pilot studies with specific small molecules and tailored genetic therapies.

The clinician scientists are hereby learning state-of-the-art genetics, molecular biology, cell physiology, radiology, and systems-neurology methods and are advancing them into a precision medicine of the future. They focus on genetic forms of three major disease groups (epilepsies, hereditary neuropathies/spastic spinal paralyses, ataxias), for which the various components of a toolbox of molecular therapy candidates seem particularly promising.

The research projects are complemented by an extensive training curriculum in clinical neurology and various other fields of clinical neuroscience. The clinician scientists of PRECISE.net can thus directly combine innovative basic science projects with patient-oriented goals and clinical questions.

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