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Neuromuscular Imaging Group

The group works on different projects concerning nerve imaging, particularly high-resolution ultrasound in neuromuscular disorders, such as polyneuropathies, motoneuronopathies and myopathies, and focal mononeuropathies, i.e. entrapment syndromes, nerve trauma and tumours. By the use of HRUS one can detect nerve inflammation, fibrosis or scar tissue. In many cases HRUS reveals nerve or fascicle area enlargement, decrease or increase of echointensity or nerve compression. Therapeutic response, change of nerve morphology during healing processes or further nerve increase correlating with pathology has been proven by our study groups in smaller studies, however many things remain unclear and further prospective, multicentric studies are necessary. Even in healthy persons, knowledges about nerve size, fascicular somatotopy and nerve elasticity are limited and thus further analyses are needed. 

Research Projects
Collaborations and Partners

1. Fortüne project for the investigation of peripheral nerve ultrasound in polyneuropathies

2. TUNAP (prospective study for the investigation of nerve ultrasound in nerve injuries)

3. follow-up examination in patients with inflammatory polyneuropathy

Tübinger Nerve Team: Prof. Schuhmann (Neurochirurgy), PD Dr. Kolbenschlag (HPRV BGU Klinik Tübingen), Dr. Lindig (Neuroradiology)

Prof. Hubertus Axer (Universitätsklinik Neurologie Jena), Ultrasound projects in neuropathies

Research Group
 Alexander Grimm
Alexander GrimmResearch Group Leader
Neuromuscular Imaging

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 Katharina Kneer
Katharina KneerPhysician
Neuromuscular Imaging

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Original publications

Grimm A, Oertl H, Auffenberg E, Schubert V, Ruschil C, Axer H, Winter N. Differentiation Between Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Acute-Onset Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuritis-a Prospective Follow-up Study Using Ultrasound and Neurophysiological Measurements. Neurotherapeutics. 2019 Feb 12. doi: 10.1007/s13311-019-00716-5.

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Review articles / Guidelines

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Case reports

Stefanou MI, Schubert V, Ruschil C, Winter N, Schuhmann MU, Ziemann U, Grimm A. Median nerve dissection after brachial artery catheterization revealed by high-resolution ultrasound. Clin Neurophysiol. 2019 Jul;130(7):1081-1082.

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Book chapters

Grimm A, Quantifizierung des Nervenultraschalls zur Unterscheidung Neurodepesche 

Grimm A, Quastorff B, Axer H   SOP Neurophysiologie – Muskelultraschall Buchner, Bischoff: SOPs Neurophysiologische Diagnostik

Grimm A; Axer H. Hochauflösender Ultraschall in der Darstellung des Plexus brachialis und der zervikalen Nervenwurzeln. The value of high-resolution ultrasound in the imaging of the plexus brachialis and the cervical nerve roots. Neurophysiol. Volume 36, Issue 4

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Grimm A; Axer H. Nervenultraschall bei Polyneuropathie – sinnvoll oder nicht? Neurophysiol. Volume 36, Issue 3

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