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Neurology with focus on neurovascular diseases

The main focus of the clinic is set on research on and treatment of stroke, brain tumors and disorders of the immune system. mehr lesen... mehr

Neurology and Epileptology

In the Institute we are exploring the genetic causes and disease mechanisms of epilepsies and related paroxysmal neurological diseases. mehr lesen... mehr


At the HIH we are tracing the genetic factors which are responsible for diseases like Parkinson’s disease. mehr lesen... mehr

Cognitive Neurology

Perception, imagination, and the ability to judge and learn are among the enigmas of humankind which are being deciphered at the institute. mehr lesen... mehr

Cellular Neurology

The core of our research is the most common and severe form of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease. mehr lesen... mehr

Junior Research Groups

Three independent Junior Research Groups investigate the molecular and cellular basis of Neuroregeneration, Synaptic Plasticity and Learning and Memory. mehr lesen... mehr