Since many years, the clinical department of Neurology collects and examines biomaterials from patients with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other diseases to better understand the causes and courses of these conditions. Biomaterials include blood (e.g. DNA, RNA, serum, plasma, white blood cells, whole blood) and cerebrospinal fluid as well as urine and skin cells.

A central biobank guarantees the collection of high-quality biomaterials on a structured and standardized basis. What are the samples used for? For example, the examination of samples allows the quick investigation of the function and significance of a newly discovered gene, protein or other body substance. In this regard, a biobank is an important interconnection between basic research and medical care.

For materials from patients with neurodegenerative diseases, the biobank is run jointly be the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE).

The biobank materials are available to researchers with a focus on neurological diseases or neurosciences. Materials are also provided to third parties after careful project evaluation in order to support and facilitate scientific cooperations. 

The biobank has been approved by the local ethics committee. 


More information

A special biobank for neurological research
Article about the Biobank on the website Baden-Württemberg healthcare industry (25.06.2012)

Rückblick: Biovalley Meet&Match "Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders"
Article by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg (13.12.2012) (in German only)


Information for donors
For Researchers

What is collected and how

The Biobank receives samples from donors who are patients at the Clinical Department of Neurology or participants in studies. When asked to donate samples to the biobank, you will receive detailed oral and written information about the process the samples are taken, stored and used. If you agree to donate, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

I want to donate biological samples to the biobank. What do I need to do?

If you want to donate samples to the biobank, please write an email neuro_biobank(at) or call us (07071 29 80472) to get more information.

Sample collection and data security

We can only gain knowledge from biomaterials if the samples are collected together with some personal information, such as age, sex, type and severity of a disease. These data are subject to the biobank secrecy and are stored in connection with a code number. This number is used in further investigations and statistical analysis ("pseudonymization"). People who work with your material do not know your name.

The biobank secrecy

  • applies from the time point of sample collection for the duration of its continued existence,
  • limits the processing and transfer of samples and related data to the purpose of scientific research only,
  • guarantees the inaccessibility to people not involved in research projects,
  • allows the intended use and restricted transfer of samples and data,
  • applies to all persons involved in the collection and usage of biobank data,
  • guarantees that no measures are taken to identify the donor,
  • ensures that private entities (insurance companies, employers, etc.) do not get access to biobank data,
  • guarantees that involved persons are bound to professional discretion

A sample transfer is always carried out using a code number. The number allows no conclusion to be drawn about the donor. Personal data will not be given to third parties.

Destruction of samples and data

There is no destruction of biological samples planned. However, you may withdraw your consent to the storage of your samples and data at any time. Following your cancellation, all samples stored in the biobank at the time will be destructed and corresponding personal data will be deleted (except disease-related data such as gender, age, or diagnosis). In this way we guarantee a complete anonymization of already used samples and do not compromise ongoing scientific investigations by data destruction. Existing research results will not be destroyed as long as the data is anonymized or already published (e.g. in case reports). Samples that have been given to cooperation partners will not destructed.

Reports on new findings

We do not use to inform donors on new findings. However, in case of relevant scientific questions and/or health-related findings, we may inform in individual donor. This is based on the written agreement of the donor to be contacted at a later date.


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The Neuro-Biobank Tübingen takes samples from donors with an existing comprehensive demographic and clinical dataset. Clinical diagnosis is made by experienced specialists in the field. Sample processing is fast and follows standardized operating procedures. Sample and data quality, as well as processing quality are regularly checked. Thus the biobank can offer biomaterial specimens of highest standards. The aim of our biobank is to offer principle investigators the opportunity to request samples for specific projects. Proposals will be reviewed by a steering committee, to decide on priorities.

Researchers interested in collaboration projects with the Biobank may contact for both informal and formal requests. Formal requests should include (see template):

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