Core Unit

The Core Unit supports department members in routine work and administrative issues. This includes the management of the large and increasingly complex mouse colonies of genetically engineered mice, the shipment of our mouse models to other laboratories worldwide, and the management of animal protocols and interactions with regulatory authorities. We also maintain a mouse biobank that includes fresh-frozen and fixed brains, cerebrospinal fluid, and blood of a variety of mouse models.

Department members are also supported in tissue preparation and histology including sectioning, staining and quantitative (stereological) analysis. To this end, we have developed custom made databases to organize the mouse colonies, lab supplies, and histology specimens.

Finally, Matthias Staufenbiel and Angelos Skodras serve as senior advisors to all department members. Matthias Staufenbiel led Alzheimer research at Novartis until he recently retired and Angelos Skodras works for a leading company in the field of microscopy and imaging.

Research Group
 Anika Bühler
Anika Bühler Technical Assistant
Core Unit

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Dr. Jörg Odenthal
Dr. Jörg Odenthal Lab Manager
Core Unit

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 Gisela Rose
Gisela Rose Scientific Coordinator
Core Unit

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Dr. Angelos Skodras
Dr. Angelos Skodras Science Advisor
Core Unit

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Dr. Matthias Staufenbiel
Dr. Matthias Staufenbiel Science Advisor
Core Unit


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