Independent Research Groups

Research groups

Giese Lab

The Section for Computational Sensomotorics investigates theoretical principles in the perception … more info

Häufle Lab

The research group „Multi-Level Modeling in Motor Control and Rehabilitation Robotics“ focuses on the generation and control of active biological movements. … more info

Hafed Lab

Humans are tremendously reliant on the sense of vision to interact with their environment. Such interaction often involves the generation of motor outputs… more info

Himmelbach Lab

The Research Group "Neuropsychology of Action" is dedicated to investigations of human action… more info

Ilg Lab

Playing video-games is a widely distributed leisure activity in our society. In order to estimate the consequences … more info


Karnath Lab

The Section for Neuropsychology focuses on the investigation of spatial cognition and object… more info

Schwarz Lab

The overarching goal of our work is to understand the operating principles of the neocortex, a unique … more info

Thier Lab

The lab addresses a variety of topics that, at first glance, may look disparate. Yet, there is a common denominator … more info


Helfrich Lab

The goal of the Helfrich lab is to unravel the neural network mechanisms supporting higher cognitive functions and their disturbances underlying neuropsychiatric disorders... more info


Kühn Lab

My Research Group uses translational MR imaging to understand how cortical microstructure links to human brain function in health and disease. ... more info


Mayer Lab

The mammalian neocortex is a highly complex and spatially heterogeneous structure, which has expanded significantly in mammalian evolution. Neocortical network function… more info


Snaidero Lab

The goal of the Snaidero lab is to decipher and control cellular interactions between neurons and glia cells in the cortex, focussing on the dynamic processes underlying myelination. ... more info


Synofzik Lab

The translational research of our Research Division is fully geared by a systematic translational pipeline of developing therapy strategies … more info