Department of Neurology and Interdisciplinary Neuro-Oncology

Interdisciplinary outpatient clinic, private consultation and clinical trials


We treat the entire spectrum of neuro-oncological diseases. This includes patients with

  • Primary tumors of the central and peripheral nervous system
  • Metastases in the nervous system and leptomeningeal disease
  • Tumor therapy-associated neurological syndromes


Contact persons:

Mrs. Marion Jeric (outpatient clinic, clinical trials)
Mrs. Sigrid Baltes (Outpatient Clinic)
Mrs. Kirsten Wyrwich (Molecular Tumor Board)
Mrs. Ute Walter (Study Coordination)
Ms. Melina Hippler (Project Management)
Ms. Ann-Kathrin Schuhmacher (Private consultation)
Mrs. Susanne Luginsland (Private consultation)

Phone: 07071-2983266 (outpatient clinic, clinical trials) Email: zno@med.uni-tuebingen.de07071-2983269 (private consultation)E-mail:

Information about our current clinical studies can be found here.

Tumor Board of the Center for Neurooncology of the Comprehensive Cancer Center

Neurooncology patients are treated by many experts during the course of their illnesses. The tumorboard acts as the “linchpin” of the interdisciplinary cooperation is the interdisciplinary discussions in the tumor board.

In the tumor board, experts from different disciplines work together to develop a consented therapy concept for the patients. Adherence to tumor board recommendations is an essential criterion of the annual audits of the German Cancer Society.


Molecular Tumor Board of the Center for Personalized Medicine

The Molecular Tumor Board is a cross-tumor entity association of experts at the Center for Personalized Medicine to jointly discuss molecular profiles of patients with regard to their therapeutic consequences. The synergistic collaboration of ZNO tumor board and MTB is realized by providing clinical indications for advanced molecular diagnostics and presentation in the MTB by the ZNO tumor board. After interdisciplinary MTB discussion, the molecular-based therapy recommendation of the MTB is passed back to the ZNO tumor board to ensure integration of this therapy recommendation into the overall neuro-oncology concept. The entire treatment pathway of extended molecular diagnostics, MTB discussion and biomarker-based therapy is an innovative health care service in the ZPM network Baden Württemberg. By establishing this treatment pathway, we have succeeded in expanding the landscape of therapies for our patients includin biomarker-instructed personalized therapy under certain conditions.


DirectorDepartment of Neurology and Interdisciplinary Neuro-Oncology
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Department of Neurology & Interdisciplinary Neuro-Oncology

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