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The department of Neurology & Stroke (Clinical Director: Prof. Ulf Ziemann) covers a broad variety of neurological disorders.

Patients are referred locally, supra-regionally and internationally, in accord with our clinical and research focus, in particular in the areas of neurovascular disease (brain ischemia, intracranial hemorrhage, vasculitis), early neurorehabilitation (recovery and plasticity after stroke), neurooncology (brain and spinal tumors, brain metastases), and neuroimmunology (multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica, myasthenia gravis). Specialized wards for stroke patients (comprehensive stroke unit), neurooncological and neuroimmunological patients (normal ward with special expertise in immunosuppressive and chemotherapeutic treatments) and artificial ventilation beds on the Intensive Care Unit of the Clinic of Neurosurgery guarantee an optimal multidisciplinary service by experts. Specialized outpatient clinics for neurovascular, neurooncological and neuroimmunological diseases provide follow-up and long-term services for these patients. The neurovascular case conference of the Center of Neurovascular Diseases Tübingen (ZNET) provides interdisciplinary therapeutic decisions (Neurology, diagnostic and interventional Neuroradiology, Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Hemostaseology, Angiology) for complex neurovascular diseases. The neurooncological tumor board (Neurology, Neurosurgery, Radiooncology, Neuroradiology, Hematooncology) provides interdisciplinary decisions for patients with brain tumors. Finally, the Röntgen-Conference (Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology) discusses the diagnostic and therapeutic steps of other interdisciplinary cases.

This infrastructure provides the frame for clinical trials, that are crucial for improving our understanding of disease mechanisms, and also to develop and offer novel forms of treatment. Therefore, the specialized wards, outpatient clinics and clinical trial units provide the clinical basis for the translational research in our department. The research groups are located in either the CRONA building or in the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, close to where the clinical services are provided. Currently, five research groups are active: Brain Networks & Plasticity (Prof. Ziemann), Neurophonetics and Translational Neurorehabilitation (Prof. Ackermann), Neuroprotection & Stroke (Dr. Poli), Molecular Neurooncology (Prof. Naumann), and Clinical and Experimental Neurooncology (Prof. Tabatabai). In addition, a research group Neuroimmunology (Dr. Krumbholz) is currently being built. In the Hertie Institute many research collaborations exist with other Departments of the Center of Neurology. In addition, there is close collaboration with the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation-Center of the University Hospital Tübingen.

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