Research Area N3

Neurorehabilitation | Neuroprosthetics | Neurotechnology

The interdisciplinary research area N3 (neurorehabilitation / neuroprosthetics / neurotechnology) links basic research with technical applications in the field of clinical brain research. It also integrates the HIH with the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence at the Universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart.

Central topics of the research area are:

  • Technical assistance systems for diagnostics and therapy support in neurology and psychiatry
  • Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Biomechanics and its relation to neruonal control and its dysfunctions
  • Neurostimulation
  • Neuronal and theoretical foundations of sensorimotor functions and of social and active perception with clinical references  

The research area combines technical, animal experimental, theoretical and AI methods.

Research groups

Giese Lab

The Section for Computational Sensomotorics investigates theoretical principles in the perception … more info

Hafed Lab

Humans are tremendously reliant on the sense of vision to interact with their environment. Such interaction often involves the generation of motor outputs… more info

Häufle Lab

The research group „Multi-Level Modeling in Motor Control and Rehabilitation Robotics“ focuses on the generation and control of active biological movements. … more info

Schwarz Lab

The overarching goal of our work is to understand the operating principles of the neocortex, a unique … more info

Speakerof the Research Area N3
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