Opportunities for Doctoral Students

The HIH offers excellent training in clinical neuroscience. PhD students will find a high-level, competitive and lively research atmosphere at the HIH. The institute has excellent national and international networks and plays a leading role in clinical neuroscience.


Doctoral students in Medicine

The HIH provides doctoral students in medicine with a sound scientific education. They can complete both a medical and a natural science doctorate at the HIH.


Medical doctorate (MD)

Students interested in pursuing a medical doctorate are encouraged to contact directly the research group in which they wish to pursue a doctorate. Here you find an overview of all research labs at the HIH.

HIH supports particularly challenging medical doctoral theses. Students who wish to pursue a career as a clinician scientist have the opportunity to apply for a Johannes Dichgans Doctoral Fellowship. The fellowship is advertised twice a year and provides monthly financial support and additional travel funds to congresses. Current announcements can be found under current career opportunities.

Scientifically challenging medical doctoral theses are also supported by the IZKF Doctoral College of the Faculty of Medicine.


Doctorate in natural sciences

Particularly research-oriented physicians can apply to complete a PhD in the natural sciences within the programs of the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience (GTC) or the PhD program Experimental Medicine of the Medical Faculty Tübingen.


Doctoral students in natural sciences

Young scientists receive excellent training in clinical neuroscience at the HIH. To this end, the HIH works closely with the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience (GTC). The doctoral program of the GTC offers a wide range of qualification opportunities, both subject-specific and cross-disciplinary. Open PhD positions at the HIH can be found under current career opportunities.

The Else-Kröner-Medical Scientist Kolleg "ClinBrAIn" also trains highly talented natural scientists to become so-called "Medical Machine Learning Scientists". They are enabled to develop AI methods for clinical problems and to transfer them to clinical application in cooperation with physicians. The college is a joint initiative of research groups at the Center for Neurology, the Cluster of Excellence Machine Learning at the University of Tübingen, the Tübingen AI Center and the Tübingen Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience.

For professional and personal development, PhD students can take advantage of the continuing education offered by the Career Service of the University of Tübingen.

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