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Understanding the brain and treating its diseases – this is the mission of the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH). From basic to applied research, our work has the ultimate goal of benefitting patients. One unique feature of the HIH as a research institution is its close connection to the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital Tübingen. As a result, new findings from the laboratories find their way quickly into diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Every single day, our staff is motivated by the opportunity to do research that benefits society.

The HIH is strongly committed to promoting its young academics. In six departments and several independent research groups, the institute covers the entire spectrum of clinical neuroscience. There, young scientists find excellent opportunities to specialize and undergo training following their personal interests. At the HIH, physicians and neuroscientists work hand in hand and benefit from an array of clinical, scientific and general training options. For both groups, the HIH is a stepping stone to a successful career in clinical neurosciences. Via its alumni network the HIH has contact to leading research institutes around the world.

The HIH especially supports the academic goals of its female scientists. There are special programmes like the Tübingen Support Programme for Women (TÜFF) offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the Tübingen University as well as the TüWIN Group (formerly known as the HER-Group) which was established in 2014. Combining work and family life is also an important issue for us, you will find information on childcare at the end of the page.

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The HIH enables students to gain early exposure to clinical and basic research and to receive a broad and well-rounded scientific education ... more info


Doctoral Students

The HIH offers excellent training in clinical neuroscience. PhD students will find a high-level, competitive and lively research atmosphere at the HIH ... more info


Medical Students and Physicians

The HIH provides all physicians in training also with a sound scientific education … more info


Postdocs and Junior Research Group Leaders

Actively shaping the future of the institute and taking on responsibility at an early stage - the HIH offers this opportunity to young scientists ... more info

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Support Programmes for Women

The HIH especially supports the academic goals of its female scientists. Here you will find the Tübingen Support Programme for Women (TÜFF) offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the Tübingen University, information about the Gender Equality Office as well as national funding programmes for women ... more Info


TüWIN Group

TüWIN stands for "Tübingen Women in Neuroscience" and it is a grass roots movement set up by women scientists across the Neuroscience Campus to support women in academic science roles and to actively improve gender equality on campus ... more info


Work and Family Life

Combining work and family life is an important issue for us. Here you will find information about gender equality support and childcare at the UKT, the University and the City of Tübingen as well as on maternity leave, parental leave and parental allowance ... more info


Current vacancies, scholarships and project and final theses at the HIH


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