Work and Family Life

The compatibility of work and family life is an important issue for the HIH. Here you will find information about emergency childcare during the Corona pandemic, gender equality support and childcare at the University Hospital Tübingen, the University of Tübingen and the City of Tübingen as well as links to legal guidelines like the Maternity Protection Period, Parental Leave and Parental Allowance.


Emergency childcare during the Corona pandemic


University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen offers a "Corona Emergency Family Program" with two funding lines:

On the one hand, the University grants a subsidy towards the cost of private childcare ("Emergency Program Babysitter") upon application, as long as regular childcare isn’t available. On the other hand, young researchers who have to look after their children at home can apply for auxiliary funds to support their work ("Emergency Program Hilfskraftmittel").

Detailed information about the "Corona Emergency Family Program" as well as the application forms can be found here (in German only).

City of Tübingen

The City of Tübingen offers an emergency childcare for small children and students until the seventh grade.

Families can apply for a childcare place when both parents or the single parent have a job that requires attendance at their workplace and they don’t have any other childcare option. The employer must certify that the parents are considered indispensable and cannot work from home.

Detailed information about emergency childcare as well as the application forms can be found here (in German only).


Childcare in Tübingen


The HIH itself doesn’t offer daycare for children. However, our employees are able to apply for a place at the daycare facility at the University Hospital or use the facilities at the University if they are employed there.


University Hospital Tübingen

The hospital offers a daycare facility for children as well as after-school care. 140 places are assigned to children from the age of 1 to 10 once a year. 60% of those places are for the children of non-scientific staff and 40% for children of scientific staff. At least one parent has to work in one of the University Hospital’s clinical institutions or the Faculty of Medicine (volume of employment 50%). Parental fees will vary according to the gross income of the family.

More information about registration, daycare choices, parental fees etc. can be found here (in German only).


University of Tübingen

Employees and members of the University of Tübingen are able to use four of the University's daycare facilities. There are 17 daycare places reserved exclusively for University employees without residence in Tübingen.

More information about daycare in general, daycare spaces, vacation programs, short term care and emergency care can be found here.


City of Tübingen

Tübingen offers many childcare facilities with various specializations. To let parents get to know them, many of them offer open houses and informative meetings a few times a year.

You can find a list of all public and private childcare facilities in Tübingen here (in German only).

Alternatives to public and private facilities can be found here (in German only).

Information about nannies and further daycare can be found at the Tageselternverein here (in German only).


Research and family: Gender equality support at the Medical Faculty


There is a chance for employed scientists at the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital to continue their self-acquired and third-party funded research project during pregnancy and Parental Leave with the Gender equality support.

Excellent scientists with children aged 1-3 are able to use the “Kinderbetreuung in Kooperation (KiKo)” program with a childcare place to improve their family and research life.

More information about the Gender equality support and the “KiKo” program can be found here (in German only).


State guidelines


Maternity Protection Period

Detailed information about the German Maternity Protection Period can be found at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ).


Parental Leave

Parental leave can be used flexibly for both parents for up to 24 months after birth. During this time, they can take temporary time off their work to raise their children. More information can he found here.


Parental Allowance

Parental Allowance helps out parents of newborns and toddlers during their Parental Leave. There are three different types of allowance. You can find detailed information about it at the Familienportal or at the BMFSFJ.