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Citation ranking "Web of Science” lists HIH again

According to this year's citation list from Clarivate Analytics, Professor Ulf Ziemann and Professor Mathias Jucker belong to the most cited scientists.

When publications are cited, it means that the published results have advanced the research of other scientists in the field. Frequently cited articles are of high importance and give the authors a high international visibility.

In addition to many other criteria such as the impact factor or important international awards, where HIH scientists always score high, citation frequency is an important indicator of scientific reputation and excellence.

According to the "Web of Science" 2021 list, Professor Ulf Ziemann, Director of the Department Neurology and Stroke, and Professor Mathias Jucker, Director of the Department Cellular Neurology at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, are two of the most cited scientists.

This list is compiled by the information and technology company Clarivate Analytics once a year. For this purpose, the company evaluates its "Web of Science" citation data bank. The current ranking lists about 6600 scientists. Among them are 331 scientists from Germany. The fact that HIH scientists are repeatedly awarded prizes demonstrates the institute's excellence and innovative strength.

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