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September 21 is World Alzheimer’s day

Alzheimer's - a dementia that affects around 55 million people worldwide. In Germany there are around 1.8 million people affected. This number will continue to rise. By 2050, around 2.8 million people in Germany will suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Prof. Mathias Jucker, Director at the HIH and Head of the Department of Cellular Neurology, speaks in an interview with the Hertie Foundation about new developments in diagnosis and therapy, advances in Alzheimer's medications and a blood test he co-developed that detects the disease at an early stage.

To the interview by Mathias Jucker with Rena Beeg for the Hertie Foundation (in German):


Read the latest paper by Mathias Jucker with Lary C. Walker (Emory University) in CELL on “Alzheimer's disease: From immunotherapy to immunoprevention”:



Caption: Prof. Mathias Jucker

Credits: Ingo Rappers / HIH