The Neuro-Biobank Tübingen takes samples from donors with an existing comprehensive demographic and clinical dataset. Clinical diagnosis is made by experienced specialists in the field. Sample processing is fast and follows standardized operating procedures. Sample and data quality, as well as processing quality are regularly checked. Thus we feel that we can offer biomaterial species of highest international standards. The aim of our biobank is to offer principle investigators the opportunity to request samples for specific projects. Proposals will be reviewed by a steering committee, to decide on priorities.

Researchers interested in collaboration projects with the Hertie biobank may contact for both informal requests and formal requests.  Formal requests should include (see template):

  • Type of material, number of samples and amount of material needed (in detail):
  • Title of the Research Project
  • Background and objective of the proposed project
  • Own previous results relevant for the project
  • Study outline
  • Estimated start and end of the study (please insert dates)
  • Authorized Signature of the Applicant
  • Recipient's Official and Mailing Address, phone, fax, email
Dr. Kathrin Brockmann / Dr. David Mengelneuro_biobank(at)medizin.uni-tuebingen.deAdministrative Koordination

Claudia Schulte
Center of Neurology, Department of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research
University Hospital Tübingen

Otfried-Mueller-Str. 27
72076 Tübingen