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Molecular Neurooncology

Master's and PhD theses



Current projects


Brennenstuhl, Heiko (MD)
Medizinische Promotion: IkBz als Effektor des atypischen, NFkB-abhängigen Zelltods im Glioblastom ( Medizin, seit 2012)

Schötterl, Sonja (PhD) 
Functional and therapeutic effects of mistletoe extracts in treatment of experimental glioblastoma (Biochemie, seit 11/2013)

Armento, Angela (PhD)
"Functional and Therapeutic Impact of the Neuropeptide Processing Enzyme Carboxipeptidase E (CPE) in Glioblastoma" (Biologie, seit 04/2014)

Klostermann, Felix (BSc)
Effect of mistle toe lectins on glioblastoma associated neoangiogenesis (Biochemie, seit 12/14)

Czolk, Rebecca (Dipl. Biochem.)
Therapeutic impact of tumor irradiation on Onco-Virotherapeutic approaches in glioblastoma (Biochemie, seit 01/2015)

Yousif, Ahmed (MSc)
Synergistic effects of combination treatment of glioma cells with mistel lectin and standard glioma chemoradiotherapy  (Experimentelle Medizin, seit 01/2015)

Ehlers, Jakob (MD)The function of the EMT-factors SLUG, SNAIL and TWIST in the vascular system of glioblastoma (Medizin, seit 01/2015)

Research Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Naumannulrike.naumann@uni-tuebingen.deAddress

Center of Neurology
Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research
Department Neurology and Stroke

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72076 Tübingen

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